Archetypes Awakened

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung

Danka is a theatre artist, music maker and storyteller at heart.  A Serbian born/ North American trained professional actor, teacher and theatre director with an Honours BFA in Theatre Arts from Drake University, she has spent 25 years delving into the world of archetypes and theatrical storytelling.  While in her post-graduate studies at the New York Acting Conservatory, Danka was introduced to Jonathan Hart Makwaia of the Roy Hart Theatre.  She experienced earth-shattering archetypal voice work and began to incorporate this into her process.  At the same time, she was diving deep into explorations of Garbrielle Roth's movement techniques.  With new embodied realizations, Danka began to experiment with the convergence points of psychodrama and expressive arts medicine. Continuing her explorations in Toronto at the Cindy Tanas Actors Studio, Danka co-led archetype workshops for adults and a teen program for young creatives.  She then transmuted her experiences to the theatrical stage while serving as the co-artistic director of The Sterling Theatre, a company dedicated to bringing thought-provoking and raw productions to Toronto audiences.  

With “Archetypes Awakened” Danka has created a holistic approach to self-development and artistic expression.  With a lifelong interest in liberating the artist within, she has found a way to bridge the world of theatrical and expressive healing arts.   She is trained in Bioenergetics, Channelling Archetypes, Movement (yoga, ecstatic dance, 5 rhythms, Sweat Your Prayers), Relaxation, Breathing and Focusing Techniques, as well as various psycho-spiritual modalities (Psychology of the Selves, Internal Family Systems, Hypnosis, Chakra Energy Systems) and uses these tools and her intuition to facilitate the development of an open instrument for the creative process.

Danka's approach will help creatives imaginatively access physical impulses, emotional and vocal expression and explore the magnificent collective unconscious of the human psyche.  She works with actors, singers, musicians, dancers, visual artists and anyone wishing to manifest their own creative freedom.  


Jessica Taylor

Managing Partner of Menajerie Studio| Producer | Director

"SoulStir Journeys exceeded my expectations. Not only did I feel lighter for days after my experience but it helped me unblock parts of myself that needed to be healed. Danka is incredibly intuitive and helps guide you through the sessions ultimately allowing you to find your own free flow. She created a welcoming safe space for me to explore and connect with my inner self."

Lilly Mason

singer songwriter/visual artist

"The Archetypes Awakened workshop with Danka was a highly memorable experience. Her use of theatre techniques, spirituality, movement and emotional expression helped me to tap into myself in a profound way. She created a safe space to be vulnerable and explore many facets of myself while sharing openly with the other participants. It helped not only for personal self- discovery but also as an artist it inspired my work. I think back often to the realizations and techniques I learned in this class. Highly recommend!"

Christine Lieu

designer - spec. emotional design psychology

"I was blown away at how open I was in a workshop full of strangers. Danka made the space feel so welcoming and safe with her compassion leading the way to rediscovering the inner depths of my soul through imaginative story telling…something I often keep hidden even from myself. Discovering my archetypes through her guidance and our own shadow work really helped open my eyes to another world I wasn’t aware of. I also loved the free flowing dance we did near the end. I felt so carefree as if a veil had been lifted and a new part of my soul revealed. I would highly recommend this workshop series for anyone embracing their spirituality/creativity.  It is the perfect environment for all those who are curious to see what is hidden deep within themselves."

Montina Guiry

painter, set/props designer and vintage shop owner

"Danka's approach to healing and her dynamic workshop series was a pivotal moment in my healing journey. With her expertise and guided explorative work, I experienced profound and dynamic growth. I have been doing therapy for years and this was one of those experiences that induced exponential growth in just a few sessions. Danka made me feel extremely safe and supported while facing subconscious layers that had previously been hard to digest and integrate."

Sara Liborio

photographer & multidisciplinary artist

"Danka’s workshop series is one I will never forget. It was such a wonderful experience. She led us through creative exercises and deep archetype work with patience and great care. Her voice and energy was so soothing and made me feel safe as I opened up with the rest of the class.  We shared our vulnerability and found our communal strengths. We ended each session with music and expressive dancing.  I was deeply moved by the essence and spirit we created together in the room.  It was magical and palpable. I would certainly recommend Danka as an excellent practitioner, mentor and guide. I can’t wait to experience one of her workshops again!  Until then, I will remember our time together fondly."