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"We're here to be your friends, and share our songs with you!"

FOREVER FRIENDS with Danka 'n' Ollie is a musical children's show that features songs, fun times, and educational content for children 2-10!  Forever Friends is a playful learning community where children can grow and learn together in a musical & creative way!  Each episode and live show explores connection and friendship and features original songs as well as classic children's songs. 

The original songs in the show highlight the beautiful and life-giving relationships that children experience in life as they grow.  

MUSIC EXPRESS with Danka 'n' Ollie is a LIVE interactive show that engages children by inviting them to participate by singing along, playing simple percussion instruments and moving their bodies in creative and theatrical ways. 

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To book a LIVE show with Danka 'n Ollie at your venue, children's museum, or private party email us at: mailto:sendmail2foreverfriends@gmail.com 

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Your children are in good hands!

"Forever Friends teaches emotional intelligence skills to young children through the medium of music and the exploration of what friendship and connection is all about.  The approach is subtly didactic, and above all, entertaining and engaging, which makes the show both fun and educationally effective." 

L. C. Pearson, Ph.D. Child Psychologist

Thank you for supporting Forever Friends.  As parents and artists themselves, Danka and Oliver consider it an honour to spend time exploring music and creativity with children.

With Forever Friends, the husband and wife duo has merged their creative and musical skills.  Oliver's 25 + years in the music industry combined with Danka's 20 + years in Theatre and Education make for just the right combination of music and storytelling!

With Love,

Danka & Ollie


Danka Pigott


As a Summa Cum Laude graduate with a BFA in Theatre Arts from Drake University, Danka has dedicated her life to creative storytelling.  She has extensive experience teaching music and theatre to children and teens. For 10 years she taught music, drama, piano, & performing arts in various renowned programs in and around Toronto, Canada.  Danka has served as a guest teacher/artist at: Gradale Academy, Arts Express, The Cindy Tanas Actor's Studio, Centauri Summer Arts Camp and Elite Music.

In addition to creating children's music, Danka volunteers and sings with her husband in their duo LambLion.  



Oliver Pigott


With Forever Friends, Oliver's talent as a singer/songwriter has found a special home in the hearts of children and parents.  After becoming a proud dad of twin boys, it seemed only natural to jump into writing songs for children.  Oliver's experience as a teacher and performer further supports each song that is crafted for the show.    

In addition to creating children's music, Oliver performs in various capacities as a professional singer/songwriter and session vocalist.

His many musical talents and accomplishments can be reviewed on his website, www.oliverpigott.com.


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