Music Lessons with Oliver Pigott


Music Medicine

Through the process of music-making, you can learn to honor, reflect upon or unfold a life experience.  Songs serve as conduits for expression and, at times, healing. 

Oliver introduces you to intuitive musical approaches he's explored through his years of songwriting and music crafting.  Ultimately, he guides you and encourages you to follow your inner musical muse.  

If you'd like to delve even deeper into the process, Danka who is a gifted theatre artist & expressive arts practitioner, can help you connect to your inner-world and feeling body through embodiment work. With each session, Oliver seeks to serve your highest good musically as you learn to channel your truth through melody, lyric or instrumentation.  

Oliver has been a performer for 25+ years and a music teacher for ten years. He works with kids and adults alike, and utilizes a gentle and intuitive approach. Whether you're looking to write, perform live, explore your vocal range, learn guitar, or create a musical style all of your own - Oliver is here to help.  

He prefers the malleability of the practical experience, as it allows for every student to learn according to their individual needs. He believes that a relaxed mindset and open heart is the foundation upon which one builds truthful and beautiful music.  

Learn more about Oliver's music medicine offerings here.