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All Of My Love Again


Exploring the theme of love through all its seasons - courtship, marriage and family life - "All Of My Love Again" rings true with husband and wife duo Oliver and Danka Pigott.
The mix and master for this song was completed just weeks before our wedding day,” Danka reflects on the track’s origins. “We gifted it to our wedding guests."
“It was recorded and produced over several days in Thomas's home studio,” Danka continues, speaking of Toronto-based platinum awarded and Juno nominated producer Thomas McKay. “He set the vibe with a Mellotron sample from the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields. The result: a song that was evocative of hazy summer nights and easy romance. Drummer Tony Rabalao filled out the sound with a laid-back groove, and finally the track was glazed over with some smooth mixing by JUNO Award-winning engineer Vic Florencia.
“As with many of our songs, the meaning unfolds over time,” Oliver shares. “All Of My Love Again is a testament to love's evolution."
LambLion’s visual for the track is not without a story as well. The music video - directed by Taras Lavren - features Danka & Oliver's longtime friends Dan and Montina Guiry, who fell in love with the song at a LambLion show in Toronto. "They called us one day to ask if All Of My Love Again could be their wedding song! We were touched by their request," recalls Danka. "Less than a year later, our own wedding was officiated by Montina's parents, Dale and Marion, who are also featured in the music video."
As a married couple, we have the opportunity to share a deep and honest intimacy in our work as artists,” says Oliver of their sound. "All Of My Love Again'' plays on the male-female dynamic with alternating vocals, and unites with a warm and harmonious chorus.
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