The lion shall dwell with the lamb; and a little child shall lead them.  

Isaiah 11:6


LambLion Music Ministries

We are musicianaries and storytellers who are called to bring the Holy Spirit to the mountain of arts and entertainment.

​We make music, write stories & musicals, craft short films, and educate adults & children in the Creative Arts.  We are carriers of the Glory made in the image of the Great Creator. Every time you give to one of our projects or songs or watch one of our videos you are impacting the Kingdom.  

We have a passion for reaching those who may be lost or hurting and are seeking truth and freedom.  We strive to introduce men, women and children to the healing love of the ONE that is ALL. We make art that is in the world, but not of it!   

As artists we have always had a heart of service.  We believe that creating art is a form of worship.  Daily, we strive to be living examples of what soulful co-creation can bring to relationships, families and ALL connections forged in love, light and community. 

We consider working with others in this capacity an honor.  We are here to foster expressive healing and the birthing of Spirit-filled art. 


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