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LambLion E.P. (Only The Brave)


We spent all of 2020 raising our twin boys and making music. It was a year filled with uncertainty and yet the inspiration and drive to create was very much alive.
This E.P. features of all the songs we crafted during the global lockdowns of 2020. The order of tracks on the E.P. reflects the order they were released throughout the year and depicts our journey through the changing tides of 2020. War, Only The Brave, I'm Like A Bird, All Of My Love Again, and Dream On.
In 2021, we choose to turn our hearts towards peace and remember the greatest gift we have to give to one another: love.

Album Cover Art by: Natasha Kudashkina
Music Videos by: Taras Lavren
Production by: Thomas McKay, Marc Copely, Oliver Pigott
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    War 3:45
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