Creative & Healing Workshops

Danka Pigott


Danka is a Serbian-born/North American trained performer and teacher.  She earned an Honours BFA in Theatre Arts from Drake University in the United States.  Her post-graduate studies took her to New York City, where she trained extensively in archetype, movement and voice work. 

While residing and training in Toronto, Danka deepened her work to include: Bioenergetics (releasing blocked emotions/energy, embodiment and grounding), shadow work, ecstatic dance, 5Rhythms, meditation and mindfulness, clowning, music and drama therapy, shamanic journeying, energy healing, Jungian Dreamwork, Yoga & Chakra work and other PsychoSpiritual techniques.  Danka brings over 15 years of experience as an actor, director, teacher and healer to her practice. Over the years, her intuitive approach has been supported by her professional experiences (i.e. her mentorship with The Cindy Tanas Actors Studio and her role as co-Artistic Director of the Sterling Theatre). 

Danka's classes are aimed at helping artists and others liberate their creativity and embrace their authentic selves.  She has spent the last several years developing her movement workshops "Soul Stir" and "Soul Shake!" With these workshops she is exploring and integrating the liberating nature of music, archetypes and movement.  

When she's not teaching, Danka finds great joy in singing with her husband Oliver and raising their twin sons, Iggy & Phin.


Honours B.F.A. Theatre Arts - Drake University

Classical Piano & Voice - Royal Conservatory of Music

Bioenergetics- Integral Healing Centre of Toronto

Spiritual Healing - Joel Goldsmith 

Voice Dialogue & The Psychology of Selves - Dr. Hal & Sidra Stone

5 yr. mentorship - Cindy Tanas Actors Studio

Voice/Archetype Work (Roy Hart) - Johnathan Hart Makwaia

Voice (Linklater) - Rae Ellen Bodie

Toronto Master Acting Classes - Sophie Ann Rooney, Rosemary Dunsmore, Miriam Laurence

Ecstatic Dance - Freeform Movement Journey - Julia Ray

Dance Our Way Home - Exploration of the Divine Feminine - Erica Ross

5Rhythms - Dynamic Movement Practice - Toronto & New York City

Movement for Theatre (Williamson – Chekhov) - Janice Orlandi

New York Acting Conservatory - Jason Bennett

Second City Improv - Chicago & Toronto

Musical Theatre - Tony Humrichouser & Sherry Garner

"SOUL STIR" Workshop

"Soul Shake!" Workshop

"The Archetypes' Masquerade" Workshop


Lilly Mason

singer songwriter/visual artist

"The Archetypes Masquerade workshop with Danka was a highly memorable experience. Her use of theatre techniques, spirituality, movement and emotional expression helped me to tap into myself in a profound way. She created a safe space to be vulnerable and explore many facets of myself while sharing openly with the other participants. It helped not only for personal self- discovery but also as an artist it inspired my work. I think back often to the realizations and techniques I learned in this class. Highly recommend!"

Christine Lieu

designer - spec. emotional design psychology

"I was blown away at how open I was in a workshop full of strangers. Danka made the space feel so welcoming and safe with her compassion leading the way to rediscovering the inner depths of my soul through imaginative story telling…something I often keep hidden even from myself. Discovering my archetypes through her guidance and our own shadow work really helped open my eyes to another world I wasn’t aware of. I also loved the free flowing dance we did near the end. I felt so carefree as if a veil had been lifted and a new part of my soul revealed. I would highly recommend this workshop series for anyone embracing their spirituality/creativity.  It is the perfect environment for all those who are curious to see what is hidden deep within themselves."