Soul Stir Journeys with Mama Danka

Mama Danka


Danka is a Serbian-born/North American trained artist, teacher and healer. She earned an Honours BFA in Theatre Arts from Drake University in the United States.  Her post-graduate studies took her to New York City, where she trained extensively in archetype, movement and healing work. 

Danka's journeys are aimed at helping artists and others liberate their creativity and embrace their authentic selves.  She has spent years working intimately with those who find themselves drawn to her practice of sacred journeying.   Danka leads men and women in journeys of exploration through which they learn to release & integrate the liberating nature of self-expression.  Each journey of discovery is ignited by a deep-dive into the pysche through the utilization of archetypes, music and movement. Beginning with the original "SoulStir Journeys" for women, and expanding to include co-ed journeys "Soul Shake" "Soul Love" "Archetypes' Masquerade", and  "Soul Dream" Danka has created a creative approach to holistic healing. 

Danka often invites her husband, Oliver Pigott, to add to her co-ed group journeys with his magical singing voice. Danka also loves integrating live hand drums and sound baths into the experience.  Since becoming a mother herself, Danka has introduced a new journey called "Sacred Mama" which offers a space for mothers to connect and support one another in the sacred journey that is motherhood. 

Danka's training and experience is multifaceted and extensive.  While residing in NYC and Toronto, she deepened her work to include: Bioenergetics (releasing blocked emotions/energy, embodiment and grounding), shadow work, ecstatic dance, 5Rhythms, meditation and mindfulness, clowning, music and drama therapy, shamanic journeying, energy healing, Jungian Dreamwork, Yoga & Chakra work and other PsychoSpiritual healing techniques.

Danka brings over 18 years of experience as a theatre artist, director, teacher and healer to her practice. Her intuitive approach has been supported by her professional experiences (i.e. her mentorship with The Cindy Tanas Studio and her years serving as Co-Artistic Director of the Sterling Theatre in Toronto). 

When away from leading her journeys, Danka finds great joy in singing with her husband Oliver and raising their twin sons, Iggy & Phin.

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